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  In March 2003, Lake Powell was down ninety feet, reflecting the drought that gripped the Southwest. We spent eight days on a houseboat with Gary Ladd and friends from Page, Arizona, apparently the only houseboat on the lake at the time. We explored canyons by boat and on foot, seeing areas that have been under water for years. The weather cooperated as Gary led us on adventures we wouldn't have attempted on our own. We were accompanied by a loving and adventurous dog, whose story appears at the following link.  

Milly's Adventures at Lake Powell (story with pictures)

Milly's Adventures at Lake Powell (text only, shorter load time)


Milly the Intrepid


Our hiking crew


Early morning sun illuminates our moored houseboat


Jim and Darlene high above Lake Powell


Jim shows us how to use the rope


Ada stands on her head on Guy's Eye


Bridge Canyon in the late afternoon light


Golden walls reflected in a water seep


Previously submerged cottonwood trees


Terraces form as the lake recedes


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