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Our Trip Journal March 2004


The Gary Ladd Unconformity Expedition, North Canyon, Mile 20.5


Photography comes first, even on a high ledge


One of the items of interest on the ledge


Reflected color on Vishnu Schist

Sunset at Granite Rapid Camp, Mile 93


Granite Rapid, Mile 93


Rocks at Lower Tuna Rapid, Mile 99.5


Gneiss Cone


Elves Chasm, Mile 116.5


Redbud at Elves Chasm


Blacktail Canyon, Mile 120


A fluted river rock, Mile 128


A scene at one of our lunch stops, Mile 131


Above Deer Creek Falls, Mile 136


Matkatamiba Canyon, Mile 148


Stream Color in Matkatamiba Canyon


Redbud in Matkatamiba Canyon


National Canyon, Mile 166.5


National Canyon stream


Looking up canyon


Looking down canyon


Reflection and bedrock in National Canyon


Pumpkin Springs, Mile 213

The trip ended at Mile 226

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